On-Location at the Cash/Carter cabin
Nashville TN, 2018
Tambi Lane, Donna Britt and Megan at the Cash Cabin Studio, 2018

about tambi

While she’s been told she must have “magic in her lens”, Tambi Lane approaches each shoot with a unique point of view; combining years of studied skill, natural style and true creative integrity.  


“Theres always an adventure to be had...”

Why photography?

I have always been an artist, first with painting and drawing, and then found my passion for photography in High School. I could never achieve the look with my pencil that I could get with my camera. There was just something very honest and real about a photograph. I have always been fascinated with my grandparent's old BW photos and would spend hours looking through family photo albums...plus I feel like a SUPERHERO with a camera in hand.